Make Money From Niche Blogging

How to Earn Money by Making Niche Blog - Make Money From Niche Blogging

Make Money From Niche Blogging

What is the Niche Blog and Micro Niche Blog?

Niche blogs means paying attention to your blog or website on any subject or area and writing all types of articles related to that topic. As you choose health topics, niche blogging will mean that you write about health related posts. Micro niche blogging means that choosing a lot of micro-niche and writing posts like weight loss.

The Importance of Niche Blogging

There is a saying in English that "Jack of all businesses, not a boss of anybody", which means "Anybody who knows all the arts but does not have any expertise". Many of us start doing this work in blogging too. He always puts a health post on his blog and his next post is based on blogging. The next day they go to the third subject. They think that writing on many topics or niche will bring more traffic to their blogs while not so much. Doing so will not add a passionate reader to your blog. Tell yourself, if you have any advice about the mutual fund, who do you go to? With an engineer as well as information about mutual funds, or any specialist mutual fund advisor? Obviously everyone will go to a mutual fund advisor. Similarly, readers go to the website only on the specialist and a niche related blog. Search engines also provide high ranking to top blogs.

How to Make Money by Creating a Niche Blog

Creating a top blog is not as difficult as it is understood. The only difference in creating a great blog and creating a common blog is that you can create a general blog without any special research, but for the top blog, you have to make the proper resale and plan. With some scams, your skills, interests, etc. can easily be made to create an elite blog.

1. Identify Your Passion

If you do not like Bajaj Bike, then creating a blog about their properties will prove to be a bad idea for you. If you like them very much but they are not interested in them then do not make the mistake of making them your own. This means that whatever you like and which you want to know and talk about, just create topics related to things that you've got.

2. Identify Short Term and Long Term Niche

If your objective is to earn money by making a blog for a few days, you can choose Short Term Names, but if you take blogging as a long-term income source, then you should choose Long Term Names, which everyone will go to see. For example, if you choose a movie or TV series, then your blog will end up with the loss of the TV series or the popularity of the movie. Ga. Such blogs are called short term blogs. While the future of living in the future continues to be your niche, but it is impossible that it will end.

3. Set your own blog

To make money from your niche blog, you must first create it. There are many platforms like WordPress. You can buy hosting from best hosting services like Bluhost or Hostgator and keep your blog in front of the world. You should now decide the layout of your blog. When visitors visit your blog, they find it nice and easy. There are many theme stores like Themeforest, Studio and Thesis, from which you can buy your favorite theme and use it on your blog. You can customize these topics according to your liking. Another essential thing is plugin.
Plugins makes it easy for you to manage your blog. For example, you want to add an email subscription form to your blog so that visitors can subscribe to your blog. You do not have to worry about it, you just have to go to the WordPress plugin store and have to install a plugin and your work will be completed. W3 Total Cache,, Jetpack, Yoest SEO WordPress Plugin, Better WP Protection etc. There are some essential plugins for WordPress Blog.

4. Start typing

You should start writing while your blog is fully set up. You should not be quick enough to increase traffic to your blog. Because visitors coming here are not coming back after considering your blog as new and incomplete. Therefore, there must be at least 10-12 posts in your blog, then try it for SEO and share it with people on social media platforms.

5. SEO

SEO is the way through which our blog receives organic traffic. Through SEO, your blog gets a good ranking in search results. This will increase the likelihood of visitors coming to this blog by clicking on this link. There are many on-page technologies and off-page technologies to increase SEO-

On-Page SEO Techniques

• Write good quality articles
• Use the best keywords and long-tail keywords in each post
• Use keywords in the title and sub title
• Attractive meta descriptions
• Alt feature of the image

Off-Page SEO Techniques (Link Building Technology)

• guest posting
• Join social media
• Submit your articles to the article article directory
• Infographics Submissions
• Answer questions in forums

 6. Monetize your blog

You have created a blog by choosing your niche. Now you need to monetize your blog to earn money. Monetization means making money through showing ads through your blog or affiliate marketing, payment reviews, etc. The simplest way to monetize is Google Adsense. You have to sign up, then Google will analyze your blog. After being fully satisfied, he approves your blog.

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