What does PUBG stand for?How To play PUBG Mobile game

Nowadays you get lots of games on the internet. And you can also download it in Free. Similarly you will be getting a lot of listening about a new Game PUBG. Which has become much more viral on social media. If you are interested in playing games then you can play this game.

it becomes Viral very soon on Social Media. And now most of the users are playing this game. Android users are more likely to like this game. If you are also an Android user then you can play this game in your mobile. But for this, you have to first download PUBG Game Mobile.

So let's know what is PUBG if you are interested in playing this game too. And want to play PUBG game. So this post is what PUBG  reads from the beginning to the end. You will find complete information about this game in it.
What does PUBG stand for?

What does PUBG stand for?

The full form of PUBG is PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG. This is a Computer and Mobile Game. This game was launched in 2017.
Firstly it was launched for Microsoft Windows. After that it was also launched for Android and iOS. It has been created by the company Bluehole, making Korean Video Game. And it has been published by Tencent Games.


You can download PUBG in any of the phones,PC ,Laptop. Follow the steps given below to download  This Game.
• Download PUBG
First download this game PUBG Mobile in your mobile.
• Install Game
After downloading you can install it.
• Open PUBG Mobile
Open it. And now you can play this game.

What is the minimum requirement for PUBG?

This is an online game means you need internet to play it. You will need your mobile data for this. Or you can also use Wifi. It means that in order to play this game your mobile should have Internet Connection.
And your Android Mobile 5.1.1 or above should be a version. And your mobile must have a RAM 2gb. Only then can you install this game in your mobile and play it. If you have an Apple Phone, it will work only on the version of  iOS 9.0 or greater.

How To play PUBG Mobile game

You understand what is needed to play PUBG game. But we are telling you this information on how to play this game:
• In this game you do not have anything in the beginning. You are discharged by an airplane by a parachute on 8 × 8 Km Island. In which there are a total of 100 players. By fighting these 100 players, you have to avoid the last one.
• The person who survives till the end is considered a winner. From the houses built on this island, you have to collect all the things you need. Eg - Food, Clothes, Weapons, Bag etc.
• You can play it in 3 ways. You can also play this game alone or with two people or with 4 people. If you play it single, then you have to do everything.
• No other support is available. But if you play with 2 or 4 people then the other member of the team can give you all these things Food and Weapons.
• If you kill an enemy, you can go to him and collect all his things too. Where there is a Green Signal. When you land on this island, this circle is slightly larger.
• You can view it by clicking on the right side in the map. As time goes on, this circle becomes smaller. And you have to survive in it.
If you live longer than this, you are also killed because of staying out of Play zone. The fun of playing this game comes at a time when the Circle becomes smaller. And as many survivors, they are inside this. And if you survive here you are made a Winner.

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